Harrison Vineyard

Bellarine Peninsula – Geelong region

The Harrison vineyard is situated on Banks Road just off the Bellarine Highway. The vineyard was established by Richard and Margo Harrison in 1999 when 4 acres of Pinot Noir were planted. Clones introduced at this stage include MV6, 114, 115, D2V4 and G5V15. Further planting occurred in 2002 when half an acre of Chardonnay and Shiraz was planted and also 0.25 acres of Pinot Gris.

The soils at the Harrison Vineyard are sandy loam over clay with ironstone amongst the clay. The vines are situated on a north facing slope and the rows are North/South. The vineyard is hand pruned, shoot thinned and leaf plucked as required to manage crop load and promote ripe tannins. The property is managed utilising sustainable practises focusing on organics. The fruit is handpicked to ensure careful selection with only the best fruit arriving at the winery.

Murray Vineyard

Bellarine Peninsula – Geelong region

The Murray vineyard is just off Curlewis Road, Curlewis on the Bellarine Peninsula. Established in 2001 by Sam and Jo Murray, they planted 4 acres of Pinot Noir which was split equally between the clones MV6 and 114. The following year in 2002 they planted a further 2 acres of Shiraz and Riesling. Organically managed the vines are on a gentle North facing slope and are planted in the North/South configuration.

The soils at the Murray vineyard are sandy loam over clay. The clay begins about 500mm below the loam. The vineyard is hand tended and pruned to optimise vine load and balance. All the fruit is handpicked ensuring only fruit of the highest quality makes it to the winery.

Parklands Vineyard

Moorabool Valley – Geelong region

The Parklands vineyard is just off Steiglitz Road in the Moorabool Valley. Established in 1995 when 3 acres of Semillon were planted, then further plantings continued for the next 4 years. Collectively now there is 7.4 acres of Sauvignon Blanc, 11 acres of Shiraz, 3 acres of Viognier, 5 acres of Durif and 0.7 acres of Merlot.

The vines are North/South planted in soils of rich sandy loam over ironstone clays then there is a layer of orange sedimentary clays. The fruit is handpicked and delivered to the winery in the best possible condition.

 McGlashan Vineyard

Bellarine Peninsula – Geelong Region

The McGlashan Vineyard is found on Swan Bay Rd just off the Bellarine Highway. The vineyard was established by Jan and Russell McGlashan in 1995. Four varieties are now planted featuring Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Shiraz.

The soils at the McGlashan Vineyard are sandy loam over buckshot clay and the vine rows run in a North/South configuration. The vineyard is hand tended to ensure maximum fruit quality.